May Day

May Day

The trees cry spring

and gently burst into flames.

We dance inside our skin

and skewer our hearts upon the notes of

sunrise birds and sunset frogs.

The emboldened soul that walks

among the dead and rotting flowers

demands abandon,

commands for nothing,

revels in peaceful recklessness.

-BW, 2016

Happy May Day to you, friends! Tomorrow Wormwood plays a set at Potted Meet. Stop by Elsie’s Bowling Alley in NE Minneapolis and have a drink with us. The jam starts at 7pm. We’ll have our say between 8 and 9pm.

There are about ten days left in our Indiegogo fundraising for the World Unspoken Tour. If you have pledged already, we are extremely grateful!  If you are still considering, keep in mind that any pledge of $10 or more will earn you a dedicated improv set.  We’ll video record a round of music from some far-off location and post it on this web page.  It will be our pleasure to send you a musical postcard!

Check out the fundraising site for more info: Wormwood Indiegogo Page