Roots that set us free

Photo by Lee Tran

Last week Wormwood played a set at our favorite local music gathering, Potted Meet. It’s a cultural exchange free and open to the public where musicians of all ages and abilities swing by one Monday of the month and jam to their heart’s content.

This year, Ben and I have been a staple act in the evening’s festivities. About halfway through the night we slow down the action to allow for some acoustic, improvised string conversation. Every night is different, but every night is magic. We love the casual feel of a well-lit room (imagine that!) and we are always blown away by our reception.

This month was a particularly versatile improv.  There were hints of beauty and sadness, but also laughter and the occasional bout of virtuosity. If you listen and watch carefully, you’ll notice that a couple of times we thought perhaps our conversation was over, but then the music kept flowing and we found we had more to say.

I hope you enjoy this first post on our freshly minted blog.



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