Where Streets are Paved in Malt

Next surprise took place around 10 this morning when we stopped to take inventory in a half conscious daze of jet lag and realized our tiny iPad microphone had rolled away at Halifax airport! Too late now. That sucker is gone!
Luckily, the company that makes our little condenser mic is UK based and we found a store with them in stock! Serendipity? Check. First unplanned expense? Check!

We also found a cello for me (Baylen) and made a friend at the music store. Hats off to Ben at Biggars Music! I have not named my new companion, but she is quite temperamental. :p


So here’s the thing about Glasgow…everyone keeps telling us we’ll like Edinburgh much better! Seriously, we have had multiple people ask us what we plan to do here, and when we say we leave for Edinburgh tomorrow they seem relieved! Haha. Is there some dark secret on these streets that Glasgowians don’t want us to catch wind of? So far the only thing shocking has been the price of single malt. Ben and I had a pour of 12-year Dalmore for the same price as a pint of beer! Eat THAT absurd Minneapolis liquor prices.


We are fighting to stay awake so we can reform some semblance of sleep schedule. Update soon on how successful that struggle turns out.


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